UPDATE: 2/22/17: A report from KVIA confirms the news we read on Facebook that The Garden restaurant is closing for remodeling and will reopen as a special events venue. Owner John Geske confirms the name of the venue will be "The Venue at Union Plaza," and they have scheduled a reopen date for April 1.

ORIGINAL POST, 2/21/17: The Garden has been known for many fun events including The Morning After Brunch, Sunburst Series, Trapped Nightswim and more. But have they closed for good?

If you look on Facebook right now, a lot of people are talking asking whether the popular El Paso spot has closed down. In fact, several people who work in the area have reported seeing various equipment and items from inside the restaurant being moved out.

Some of those reports state the restaurant is closing for a month to remodel, and it may reopen as a venue for special events rather than a restaurants.

We attempted to contact the management, but they haven't commented on the record, so we really don't know if that's exactly what's happening or not. Their Facebook hasn't been updated with any news as of yet. Take it all with a grain of salt until we hear for sure. All we really know is that The Garden is closed ... for now.

The Garden is a restaurant right in the heart of the Union Plaza Entertainment District that has been around since 2009. They mixed fine dining with a nightlife atmosphere that many in El Paso love to be in. We're hope that The Garden won't be closing down for good, since we have so many good memories there!

Once we speak with the owners or managers of the restaurant, we will update this post to let you know for sure!

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