Gus G, current axeman for Ozzy Osbourne, reached out to Devour The Day for a little help with his solo disc, "I Am The Fire"

Word got back to Devour The Day guitarist Joey Chicago that not only did Gus G. need a little help finishing his last song but he was also a fan of Devour The Day singer Blake Allisons' voice and ... according to Joey ... "devilish good looks".  The DVD peeps talked to the GG peeps and, eventually, Blake and Joey received an instrumental track titled "13".

According to Joey:

“We had a mission … to write melody and lyric for a new Gus G. track! Pressure! We started to throw around ideas. As the song lyrics started to take shape we really wanted to change the perspective of the voice. Who was singing this song? We wanted it to be from the point of view of passion itself. What would determination say if it could talk? If the fire that burns inside you could give you advice, what would it say? We were on to something.”

"We immediately started work on tracking the vocal. Then Gus came in and recorded a solo that bent the very fabric of time and space, no biggie.”

“‘I Am the Fire’ is meant to be inspirational. We want the listener to feel empowered as they conquer their next challenge. It has awesome guitar work, killer tones and a great mix of Gus G. and Devour the Day, like a super futuristic rock Voltron.”

You can grab the Gus G/DVD song on itunes.  "I Am The Fire" is not set for release until March 18th, but it is available here!

Devour The Days cd, "Time And Pressure", (a MUST HAVE, trust me!) is in stores and available on itunes.  Catch their latest, "Move On", Sunday night at 10 during Q Connected!

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