Not exactly a ton of love for Nickelback in Detroit these days!

The "Animals" in Detroit are NOT "Feeling Way To Damn Good" about Nickelback rocking the Thanksgiving Day NFL Lions game!!  The "Rockstars" may have to settle for a "Photograph" of the event if some 9 thousand Lions fans get their way!

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According to, the number of Anti-Nickelers is more like 20,000!!  (Read that article here via


Detroit radio guy Doug Podell doesn't think that's going to matter though: 

They broke out of here, they’ve been extremely popular here, and I think they’ve sold out pretty much every show here since the beginning.

“Rock audiences ought to be happy about these guys — they’re one of the few rock acts left that can still play a halftime show. There aren’t many of that stature anymore.

“It doesn’t matter how vocal the elite 1% gets about it. Detroit loves its mainstream rock, and more so than other cities.”

 Hmmmm ....... we'll see!!  This could be one of those facebook quiz things.   "Can this __(Inanimate Object)__ get more likes than __(Someone Famous)__ deals. 

I've noticed the "object" tends to win!! :)

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