The Deftones really put on a damn good show for their audience at the Botanica Music Festival in San Antonio! I promised I would bring back two of their most voted songs back that I caught on video.

I wanted to make sure I got two songs to report back to you from the Botanica Music Festival the Deftones played. The Deftones sure did play hard for the crowd at Six Flags Fiesta Texas this past Saturday. I captured the two songs you wanted me to get for you on video which was "My Own Summer" and "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" before my battery died. During the show it had been drizzling but that didn't stop the fans from getting muddy and rocking out. Hope you enjoy the two songs I got for you and please excuse my scream after a big stuffed gorilla crowd surfed his way to the top of my head.

Hope you enjoy the two songs from the Deftones I was able to record for you at the Botanica Music Festival!

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