What has been going on with El Paso recently? There seems to be an abnormal amount of fights and shootings making the news. And I say "abnormal" because there's always fights and shootings that make the news, but there seems to be a spike. This makes me wonder, what are you trying to prove? What's the point?

There was one such instance recently in the Cincinnati District that was caught on tape that led to some arrests. Here is video of the melee courtesy of KVIA.

There was also a recent shooting out in Horizon. I'm not going to put the video here, but if you'd like to see more on this you can head over to Fit Fam's Instagram page by CLICKING HERE.

There was also a drive-by shooting out on the East Side of El Paso this past Monday that led to 5 arrests. Thankfully no one was injured in that shooting. An off-duty officer witnessed the shooting and followed the car that was involved in the drive-by all the way to the west side of town near Executive Center Blvd, where patrol units eventually stopped them.

I've been to enough bars in my life and seen enough fights that I see how quickly things can escalate, especially when alcohol is involved. It doesn't take much for one person to feel like they're being "disrespected" and to lash out and throw a sucker punch. Seriously, how often do you see a fight that starts with a sucker punch?

I feel it's my job now to ask you to please, calm down. It's not worth it. Does no one remember the old Chappelle Show bit, When Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong? Please, watch this and take a moment before you do something stupid.

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