What is happening in El Paso these days? It seems like we keep making national news, but for the wrong kind of stories. First, there was the lady that jumped into the spider monkey exhibit at the El Paso Zoo. CLICK HERE to get that story. Next, it was the mom that dressed up and posed as her daughter and spent a day in middle school. CLICK HERE to get that story.

Now, we have the guy that killed someone on a moped. This story is easily the worst of the three because someone lost their life. It all happened back on June 5th, when Andrew James Rodriguez of El Paso decided he was going to completely ignore the speed limit in Las Vegas. And by ignore the speed limit, I mean go 140 miles an hour. Rodriguez eventually hit Walter Anderson, who was on a moped, from behind. The impact caused fatal injuries for Anderson as he was pronounced dead at the scene.

So there you go. Three stories, vaulting El Paso to the national news cycle. None of which are for anything good. I guess the best we can hope for right now is these stories come in threes and that's going to be it for awhile. It could be me though. When I was growing up in Portland, OR it seemed like we were always in the news for something bad. There was Tonya Harding, Bob Packwood, and even the Jail Blazers. I also lived in Florida for 8 years, and well, we all know about Florida. But that state was screwed up before I got there.

Whatever it is that's causing these negative stories from El Paso, we ultimately control our own fate. Use your head please.

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