Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo so, naturally, today is Cruda De Mayo.

Cinco De Mayo is not really that big of a deal in Mexico. All the partying and celebrating is more of a "conjured" holiday here in the United States but, hey, any excuse to day drink; right? The day does actually commemorate a famous battle in Mexican history during which Mexican forces repelled the French as they attempted to set up shop in Mexico. It is known as the Battle of Pueblo.

No, that's not the battle documented in The Three Amigos. I don't care what you read on Facebook.

Following that battle, the powers that be declared the 5th of May a day of celebration during which, (in America), people would "become' Mexican, reinforce as many stereotypes as possible and drink copious amounts of alcohol. Which brings us to today, the Cruda de Mayo.

"Cruda" is a slang term for hangover and pretty much everyone I know is fighting their own battle with one today. My friends and family are a partying bunch. In March we were all Irish which resulted in St. Hangovers Day. Fat Tuesday led to Flat on your back Wednesday and Super Bowl Monday actually impacts everyone.

Around here, crudas' are usually tamed with a "Red Beer" and/or some menudo. I've heard good things about aspirin and water before going to bed too but, obviously, it's too late for that now.

I, thankfully, almost never get hangovers.

It's a gift from above, I swear.

When I do get one though, I have a remedy that has never let me down have a slurpee. Preferably cherry but Coke works just as well. Finding a working slurpee machine, especially when you're hurting or in a hurry, can be troublesome but you'll feel so much better once you get one down.

Some suggest the "hair of the dog" method but something tells me that may cause more problems than it solves.

Anyway, here are a few ideas to help you avoid a hangover along with ... more importantly ... some ideas to ease your hangover right now

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