Fans and press alike have been more than critical when it comes to Megadeth’s latest release ‘Super Collider.’ Although the band stands by the disc, bassist David Ellefson recently shared some insight on what their next offering may hold.

In a new interview with MetalTitans, Ellefson opened up about the criticism adding a few hints on what fans can expect next. “My personal thought is that the next record will be much different. We go through these phases.” shared Ellefson. He continued, explaining, “Dave [Mustaine] made three records when I wasn't in the band, and a couple of them quite good, I might add. They were good records because they were really good "metal" records. That's what fans want to hear; because Megadeth has this 30-year career, we have more than just one style in our cache.”

That massive career has spawned 14 studio albums, allowing Megadeth to reach a broad range of fans. “Fans have discovered us at various times throughout our journey,” explained Ellefson. “There are fans that became fans when they heard ‘Risk,’ that's when they got into rock 'n' roll and they bought their record and to them that is their debut Megadeth record.”

At the end of the day though, the band is not taking the negativity to heart. “I have learned not to criticize our own work, simply because there are naysayers out there and the fact that every record has significance to different people,” said Ellefson. He did offer up his own explanation for some of the push back though, expressing that maybe the wrong first single was released. “The first thing that people heard from the record was track ‘Super Collider’ which is a very mainstream, commercial song. I think had they heard ‘Kingmaker’ first, for instance, the reaction would have been much different.”

In other Megadeth news, Ellefson recently released his autobiography ‘My Life With Deth’ chronicling his career with the metal band and the struggles he’s faced on both a personal and professional level.


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