If there wasn't an awareness month for c-sections I would be fighting for there to be one. My first pregnancy with my son was supposed to be natural until some complications came about. I was then rushed into surgery for an emergency c-section. I was younger then and recovered pretty quickly unlike this recent time. I refreshed my memory about what to expect for what would be my second c-section. Thanks to my first c-section with my son I knew how I would be feeling after.

I honestly can't answer which is worst between strangers seeing your exposed private area or what your insides look like. C-Section surgeries have been known to be complicated sometimes. My recent c-section led me to have another type of surgery right after my daughter's birth to stop the bleeding. Now because of my situation with my pregnancy, I had no choice but to have a c-section again. C-Section Awareness Month is this month and informs future mothers about complications with cesareans. After my recent cesarean, I am damn happy to see there's a C-Section Awareness Month.

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