The NFL released its 2020 schedule this part Thursday and it seems as though they are planning on everything moving forward as it normally would. The Cowboys kick off their season on the road in Los Angeles to take on the Rams, and their home opener is the following week hosting the Falcons. Here is the Cowboys schedule for the 2020 season with my most-likely-subpar-predictions.

  1. @ Rams - WIN
  2. vs Falcons - WIN
  3. @ Seahawks - LOSS
  4. vs Browns - WIN
  5. vs Giants - LOSS
  6. vs Cardinals - LOSS
  7. @ Redskins - WIN
  8. @ Eagles - LOSS
  9. vs Steelers - LOSS
  10. @ Vikings - LOSS
  11. vs Redskins - WIN
  12. @ Ravens - WIN
  13. @ Bengals - WIN
  14. vs 49ers - LOSS
  15. vs Eagles - WIN
  16. @ Giants - WIN

Overall record of 9 and 7.

I took a different approach to this years prediction. Randomness. Sort of. If there's anything to know about the Cowboys, they seemingly have games that they should win that they lose, and games they should lost that they win. Hence back to back losses against the Giants and Cardinals, but beating the Ravens later on in the season.

Of course, this will most likely change, because we will hopefully learn a whole lot more about this team in the coming months. On paper, it looks like the Cowboys had a really good draft, and I expect CeeDee Lamb to have a huge rookie season.

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