Dairy Queens in Mexico are now serving limited edition ChocoMazapan Blizzards and Mexican Twitter is in love. It's not available here, so we decide to make it! Dairy Queens may be what we like about Texas, but the fast food joints are available around the world. Having restaurants in different regions can sometimes mean different palates that need to be catered to. For instance, you may notice New Mexico McDonald's serve Hatch green chile during the season but you can't get that add-on in California. Now, Dairy Queen locations in Mexico have released their limited edition Blizzards that have fans across the border drooling.

Dairy Queen Mexico's Twitter announced earlier this week that their locations will be offering new ChocoMazapan Blizzards. There are three flavors people can choose from original ChocoMazapan, ChocoMazapan Fresa and ChocoMazapan Moka. People on social media are loving the new flavors, but sadly it's only available in Mexico! Instead of having to travel across the border to try the new tasty treat, we decided to grab some ChocoMazpan and head to our local Blizzard so we could try it out for ourselves. Luckily, the local Dairy Queen at 4850 East Paisano was ready and willing to help us out with our ChocoMazapan Blizzard dreams. They were able to whip us up some Blizzards and we got to try them for ourselves! Check out the video above to see our reaction to the tasty new concoction.

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