As an avid online shopper, I can fully admit that I hardly ever read the shipping details. I've become so spoiled that I automatically expect an online business to ship to El Paso, however it has come to my attention that not every business ships to El Paso.

I know, I know, it sounds a bit naïve of me. Yes, of course I know that not everyone will ship to El Paso, but I thought I had it nailed down to which business won't ship to El Paso, or even the United States, so that I wouldn't bother falling in love with their products. However, this was weirdly specific.

Reddit user @RandolphWharmpess posted a picture of his shipping issue, where it specifically said it didn't ship to El Paso.

Wait, that can actually happen?!

Look, knowing myself I would have probably just scrolled through these details and not even noticed the El Paso part!

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While scrolling through the comments, others were shocked as well. Many have asked for what business this was- however the original poster didn't proved the details. Judging by the wording at the bottom we can deduce that it was from Macy's, or at least a store in Macy's network- which is odd because we do have a Macy's here in El Paso; couldn't they just ship the item to the store? I don't know the actual process but not shipping to El Paso seems weirdly specific.

I guess this could serve as a reminder to always make sure you check the shipping details, because I can tell you that I would have missed this detail!

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