Some people say bikers aren't very smart. Sometimes, they're right.

Dirt tracks are a blast to race on -- I've done it on bikes, quads, and in cars. I even won a "celebrity" race at Speedway Park against other radio, newspaper and TV peeps once! So, I know how important having the right equipment is. Trust me, a Harley Davidson big twin isn't it.

You can ride it around in a circle sure but, if you really want to blast off and win like a boss, well, just make sure you use someone else's Harley. Watch the guy in the half helmet modify his right side at 1:05 or Mr. hit the wall and shoot fire at 2:08. These guys have either got wads of cash, or one hell of an understanding insurance company.

This does look like fun though. Anyone wanna lend me their scoot?

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