We've seen some ridiculous things sold before at high-end retailers, but this item for sale at Crate & Barrel just makes no sense.

We’ve some ridiculously expensive fashion before, that should cost no more than five bucks. A few years ago, a brand decided to sell jeans that looked muddy for a whopping $425 at Nordstrom’s and the internet was triggered. Why would someone actually purchase these pants when you can achieve the same look by rolling around in their front yard in some cheap pants from the local thrift shop? They must have been a hit because after the muddy pants came an entire line of clothing that looked like you freshly stepped out of a pig pen from a wrestling match with porky. You can see more of their "worn in denim fashion" on Business Insider and gawk at the ridiculous prices associated with each piece.

Now, Crate & Barrel brings to us this ridiculously priced piece of home decor that I can't imagine someone actually wanting to purchase. The home decor store is selling various holiday decorations to brighten your home during this bleak holiday season but if you think this item is a good purchase the pandemic clearly hasn't hit you as hard as other Americans. This "Pre-Light Hanging Branch Decor" is described as "modern, yet rustic" and brings "the beauty of the winter landscape indoors." In reality, this piece of home decor is a tree brand with twinkle lights hanging from a piece of twine. Seriously, that's it. While I will agree that the branch is pretty, it's the price of the item that's really shocking. You can get this branch to hang in your home for an astounding $99.95. For that price, I'd hope the batteries come with the branch but sadly they don't. If this piece of decor is right up your alley, you can purchase it on the Crate & Barrel website. Or just go outside and find a random branch and throw some twinkle lights on it and call it a day.

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