Bowen Ranch takes up a huge chunk of far Northeast El Paso and their livestock occasionally get outside the fences.

This can be due to simple human errors like a gate being left open, accidents where vehicles crash through the fences and vandalism. (Some morons cut the fences so they can ride their ATV's and dirt bikes or do other things on Bowen land. This, mind you, is VERY illegal with penalties that include big-time fines and jail time.)

Should you come across loose animals:

  • Call 911 and give them the most specific location you can. Please don't assume that someone else did, it's better to hear from 10 people than none.
  • Do not approach the animals unless a direct threat to human life is imminent. They're fairly tame but, they're still animals and may panic.
  • If traffic slows or stops, make room for ranch vehicles! They may not have flashing lights and sirens like other emergency vehicles but, in these situations, they're just as important and need to be treated as such.
  • Finally, stay in your vehicle. Ranchers appreciate your help but they're the pros. (Quite often, the cattle will just follow the feed truck anyway!)
  • Also, keep in mind that Texas is an "Open Range State".

Bowen Ranch recently posted a thank you to all who helped with the recent "escape" and those who were patient with the resulting traffic issues. Some weren't helpful or cooperative though and you guys need to chill the "F" out. Neither man nor beast is out there by choice and the ranchers are trying to keep all lives safe ... 2 and 4 legged alike.

Be patient and keep your road rage to yourself!

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