This could be a huge development for desert areas like ours.

Several devices claim to do this but, this one is designed to work in locations with very low humidity. (Like El Paso.) posted an article last week showing how easy making water out of air really is. According to to the article:

... more than two pounds of dust-sized MOF crystals compressed between a solar absorber and a condenser plate, (are) placed inside a chamber open to the air. As ambient air diffuses through the porous MOF, water molecules preferentially attach to the interior surfaces. X-ray diffraction studies have shown that the water vapor molecules often gather in groups of eight to form cubes.

Sunlight entering through a window heats up the MOF and drives the bound water toward the condenser, which is at the temperature of the outside air. The vapor condenses as liquid water and drips into a collector. -

See? Simple!

Or, buying a gizmo like the one in this video is probably even simpler...