Last year in August an El Pasoan noticed something rare in the sky that would concern any human being. Well, that witnessed began recording what appears to be an incandescent triangle in the sky. After watching the video I started to read some of the comments. Eric Thompson gave us some insight about the triangle being a reflection from inside the car. Then there are similar comments that mention the incandescent light is a Tr-3b. A Tr-3b is a Top Secret Air Force plane which costs at least 3 billion dollars. I don't believe what the witness saw is a reflection as Eric Thompson had mentioned. I do believe in aliens and all that other kooky stuff. After reading a lot of the comments about Tr-3b has me undecided with my decision. If you fast forward one minute into the video you will see the actual footage from the witness. After watching the actual footage place your vote on what you believe the incandescent triangle is below!

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