Our bae Corey Taylor is one of the most entertaining musicians in rock and metal history, especially when he’s speaking his mind. So we put together this list of moments from when the Great Big Mouth used his vocal cords for non-musical destruction.

The Slipknot / Stone Sour singer has verbally squared off with more than a few of his contemporaries. One can’t help but recall Corey’s feud with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, who had claimed Stone Sour were trying to be Nickelback. Corey didn’t hold back with this one, claiming Kroeger had a face like a foot and slamming him for being voted Ugliest Dude in Rock.

The mantra of We Are Not Your Kind has rung true in many of Taylor’s interviews, especially when he’s going after pop culture. In one of Loudwire’s most watched videos, he brilliantly criticized modern pop music for being auto-tuned and pitch corrected, while Taylor decimated Kim Kardashian during a spoken word performance and Vine stars in a separate interview.

If you’re on your phone while Slipknot is performing, don’t be surprised if it gets slapped out of your hands. One Slipknot fan in the front row learned the hard way, and it was all caught on film. Corey also smashed a heckler during one of his solo performances, punishing him for shouting music requests in the middle of some verbal entertainment.

Check out these 14 'Corey Taylor vs. Everyone' Moments in the Loud List above.

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