Let us talk about what you'll need!  Balloonfest is no different than your backyard BBQ.(really, trust me...Friends and Music ,its that simple )

Here are some  time-saver tips  to make your  Balloonfest  2013 fun and enjoyable.


Simple Rule to follow: NO Glass!

Invest in a ice chest with Wheels or take the kids wagon for the weekend. (You'll thank me later)

Decide what You are going to cook. (Hamburgers and hot dogs are the easiest) We'll cover other food on my next post (part 2)

Wet and Wild has charcoal grills for rent, but you can bring your own PROPANE grill. Check out info here.

Prep everything the night before you go out to the park.

Ziploc bags are Your Friend! Use them to carry all your grilling foods (meat ,chicken,fish veggies)

Marinate your meats,chicken, fish the night before. ( Ziploc bags)

Cut your veggies -onions, tomatoes, lettuce, spanish squash, bell pepper, jalapenos, corn, ,just to name a few  (cutting ahead of time give you more time to kick back and enjoy the show, ) Remember Ziploc bags are your friend!

Basic things you should bring with you.

Water,soft drinks, plates, plastic forks,spoons,a cutting knife, paper towels ,salt, pepper ,chips and MATCHES .(how you going to get the grill started ?)

Other drinks? check out the details on what you can bring. (here)

Follow these basic tips and you'll survive Ballonfest 2013 !


Part 2.... GRILLING !