El Pasoans are invited to help name the Children's Museum, which is currently just being called the El Paso Children's Museum. The $70-million museum is now under construction and is slated to open in Downtown El Paso in 2022. The grand prize is four Lifetime Membership passes to the museum. Other prizes will be awarded during the challenge, which ends on May 1.

The El Paso children’s museum was approved by El Paso voters as part of a Quality of Life Bond election in 2012. The "Name the Museum Challenge" has an easy submission process:

  • Think of a name for the new El Paso children’s museum and science center.  Names may be inspired by the design and the dynamic exhibit spaces inside.
  • Go to the museum’s website to submit ideas.

Interim Director Stephanie Otero, Vice President of Operations for the El Paso Community Foundation tells KFOX 14:

"We know what the outside of the building is going to look like, we know what the inside of the building is going to look like and what kinds of experiences people are going to have inside that museum. We don’t know what to call it."

I also feel like this goes without saying but- don't submit gross names. It's a children's museum for goodness sake!

When it opens, the museum will be an educational institution and open to every member of the community. A real cool part about the children's museum is that exhibits will have no instructions because there will be no wrong ways to interact with them. "The new museum will be specifically designed to maximize open-ended and imaginative play and exploration." Again, submissions will be accepted until May 1. You can fil out the form here.

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