Nico turns 33 this Tuesday, January 19th! We’re getting Nico a jumping balloon house which he’ll get to enjoy all morning long.

If you would like to come by for the festivities, Nico will exit the balloon house and hand you a piece of birthday cake and a Styrofoam cup full of Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale!

We’re not asking for birthday gifts but if you DO decide to bring Nico something, we have to be perfectly, crystal clear about one thing: NO ILLICIT SUBSTANCES! Even if they’re “legal” in other states and even if it’s what Nico really, really wants please DO NOT bring him anything illegal. Nico is way too polite to turn down such a gift. Also, we have a lot of law enforcement that listen every day and that kind of high-profile bust would just be too much for them to pass up. So, for his own sake, NO WEED FOR NICO ON HIS BIRTHDAY.

In addition to the jumping balloon, we’re looking to make Nico’s special day one to remember. If anyone out there does face-painting, we’re sure Nico would love to be painted up like his favorite superhero, Spiderman. Also, we can’t get over the hilarious visual of having a pony rides. Nico’s gangly 9 foot tall frame on a child-size pony is something I want to see.

Any other suggestions? Maybe a piñata or a clown making balloon animals? However it turns out, come by and wish Nico a Happy Birthday outside the radio station on Tuesday.

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