It's after the Thanksgiving holiday and students are returning to their respective schools getting ready for end-of-semester exams.  Today, on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, Nico brought up an 'Am I The A-Hole' scenario from an 18-year-old college freshman that got everyone reminiscing about their own college days AND got us talking about some unwanted night-time emissions.

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For a lot of freshmen living in dorms it's the first time they've ever roomed with a stranger, and in today's 'Am I The A-Hole' segment user u/throwaway65677568, an 18-year-old freshman in college, had a story about embarrassment, betrayal, and an overall terrible college roommate experience.


Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash
Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

You can read her whole story here. But these are the main takeaways:

1. An 18-year-old college freshman says that she has a problem wetting her bed every time she drinks. She says it's not a blackout type of thing, just where the alcohol is messing with her bladder.
2. She says this has happened five times but on the third time, her roommate caught her trying to get rid of the evidence.
3. She thought she could trust her roommate and that she would be sympathetic. But one of the boys she knew made a joke about it the next day.
4. Now she says she wants to change roommates because she's the only one who could have told other people. Her roommate doesn't want her to change and is calling and texting, telling her she's being dramatic, and saying she's overreacting.


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Initially, most of the Buzz Adams Morning Show gang thought she was not the a****** and that her friend snitching was a sign of a bad roommate. But after further discussion and realizing that the user telling the story has continued drinking EVEN though it causes her to PEE on the bed, this was clearly a red flag to everyone and a sign that maybe everyone here just sucks.

Going to college is a tough time for everyone. A time of change and a time of making new friends. But we're not sure the user is in the right on this one.




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