If you have a dog and he spends any time at all outside, make sure he has plenty of water and a shady place to hang out.  And don't even think about leaving Fido in the car!.If you do, you are an absolute POS that doesn't deserve to have a dog.  (You probably shouldn't have kids either.)  In a car, the temperature can rise quickly, causing a certain and horrible death.  DON'T DO IT!

One thing you can do to help your dog chill, though, is give him cold water and/or water with ice cubes in it!  My dogs actually think ice cubes are a treat.  Whenever I open the freezer, they're right there waiting for their cube.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

No matter the season, they love 'em and, it is safe! A warning (that actually goes back to 2007) has been appearing online saying NOT to give dogs cold water or water with ice cubes because it causes "bloat" which can kill a dog. According to veterinarians though, ANY temperature water can do that if the dog drinks too much.  So, by all means, cool the little guy down with cold water, just don't let him drink gallons of it!