Looks like El Paso temperatures will be dropping this week and some couldn't be more excited. But El Paso is known for having bipolar weather one day it is hot then a cold front comes through the next. Well this week we're expecting temperatures to drop to the 70's on Wednesday. Some El Pasoans couldn't be more excited for this slight cold front to roll through. Cleary, El Paso isn't called the Sun City for anything. Our summers can be brutal when we hit the triple digits but that is gonna change on Wednesday. We are expected to drop down to the 70's which is a major difference compared to what we've been dealing with this summer. Since the temperature will be dropping down could this mean caldos will start commencing to bring the heat? Some families usually stay away from making soup in the summertime while others don't care what season it is.

For example, my family will still prepare a hot caldo whether it is summertime or not. As it is working in front of a hot stove is bad enough when it's scorching hot outside. Besides this slight cold front probably won't last forever since the weather always changes in El Paso. We have seen it ourselves and never know what to expect from one day to the next. But what I want to know is if families will be taking advantage of this slight temperature drop to make caldo. Place your vote below if this unexpected weather change means it is time for soup season.

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