One of only 2 annual visits to the famed Trinity Site, located on a highly restricted part of White Sands Missile Range, is coming up April 7th.

It's the site of the first nuclear bomb detonation and, once again thanks to teh space museum, you can catch a ride to the site from Alamogordo on one of several private coaches.  The museums' website says you can get a ride to the site and also:

  • A talk from a local historian during the trip
  • A "brown bag" lunch,
  • A walking tour of the site
  • A tour of the McDonald House (Where the bomb was assembled, not the clowns' house)
  • A special showing, on the way back to Alamo, of the movie "Trinity: The Atomic Bomb Movie."
  • A tour of the Space Museum.

Tickets are selling WAY fast for this one so, the museum has reserved a third bus for the trip. It's almost full too though so, better hurry if you want on!  For ticket reservations, call call 575-437-2840 ext. 41132 or visit  Busses leave from Alamogordo, located about 70 miles north of El Paso.

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