When Cloverfield first came out in 2008 I immediately became obsessed. I recommended it to everyone. Then 10 Cloverfield Lane came out, and I got excited. I figured I loved the first one so much, this next one will be great too! Well, to this day, I haven't seen 10 Cloverfield Lane. I watch maybe the first 10 minutes, but I can never get past that. On Super Bowl Sunday when I saw the trailer to The Cloverfield Paradox I didn't get so excited because I hadn't finished the second one, I figured it would happen again and I wouldn't get past the first 10 minutes. Well, I was wrong. I watched the whole thing with my eyes glued to the TV. The Cloverfield Paradox hasn't gotten great reviews, from critics and fans, but I have to disagree. It's an explanation and it has a really cool connection to the first one.

Reddit user DubC-Ent pointed this out:

Knowing J.J. Abrams, setting both films up at exactly 18:20 cannot be a coincidence. If you can't be bothered to check both films out at the same time check out the video below thanks to Reddit User ____Ghost_____