Remember Fat Sat and/or Fat Tuesday??  When you got totally smashed and then swore off of something for Lent?? 

The Mardi Gras holiday is typically the last day for some of us to go nuts, before giving up something, (a food or drink, an activity ... work ... ) for the 40 days of  The Lenten season.

A bunch of you right now are going; "oh, yeah ... it was Lent.  Crap; I didn't give up anything" aren't you?!?!  (You were probably also tearing up the meat products on Fridays huh??)

Anyway, it's almost over now.  (I kinda slipped up to this year also to be honest .... I remembered the no meat Friday deal a couple of times; but  that's about it.)

So, what about you??  What did you give up and how did you do?? 

Cut out the brews after work on Trans Mountain??  Promise to stop grabbing burritos from that truck behind McCoys in the northeast every morning?? 

Did you last the (almost) whole 40 days?        Couple of weeks? 

Did you make it through "Hung over Wednessday" at least???????

C'mon; tell us what and how you did ... here and/or on the Q Facebook page

Be honest now ... your friends (aka witnesses!!) are reading!