For 36 years, the city has presented free concerts. Not any more ...

Every Summer since around 1984, the city of El Paso has presented Music Under The Stars. Typically held at the Chamizal, a great number of the concerts were also held at the now-demolished Cohen Stadium. All types of music were featured over the years including Country, Rock and Tejano; performed by local, regional and national acts.

KVIA reports that the city blamed the cancellation on dwindling attendance numbers and quoted the city's Museums and Cultural Affairs Department as saying; "the outdoor program will go on an extended hiatus while the future of the program is reevaluated." In the same statement, the city said:

The statement cited an attendance drop of 96% during the past decade despite adding Grammy-winning headliners to the performance schedules. The city also said cuts in federal funding at the Chamizal National Memorial contributed to the decision. - KVIA

They stopped this, basically, because no one was going yet; those empty Streetcars cars keep rolling.

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