You've always been able to vote for your favorite tattoo shop, now your favorite tattoo artist can get the recognition from El Paso's City magazine. The locally owned City magazine is having their annual "Best of the City" voting contest to find out what businesses and locals are at the top of their specific fields. There have always been categories for food, drinks, shopping, entertainment and businesses for people to nominate their favorites in the Sun City. While there has been a category for "Best Tattoo Shop" on the ballot before, this year the category became even more specific, with a specific artist being singled out for the first time.

Here are the tattoo artists that have been nominated for the Best of the City awards:

  • Daniel Shaw
  • Fernando Marinez
  • Sammy Duarte
  • Joshua Perez
  • Brian Stephens
  • John Sunderland
  • Myker Yrrobali
  • Rene Chavira
  • Erick Melendez
  • Andrew Chavez
  • Phil Armendariz
  • Mitchell Dean
  • Royale Ochoa
  • Kenny Vandafriff
  • Nate Wilson
  • Fermin Pena
  • Francella Salgado
  • Paul Murphy
  • Ricky Perez
  • Danny Gonzalez
  • Omar Macias
  • Eric Ward

To vote for your favorite tattoo artist, please visit the City Magazine website and click on the "Best Tattoo Artist" category. Make your selection and hit vote. Voting begins today, October 16th and ends at midnight on October 30th. You can vote once every 24 hours, duplicate votes in that 24 hour period will not be counted, and only one choice per category.

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