The City of El Paso is looking for community input on the design project for the Sun City Lights Project in the gateway from El Paso to Juarez area.

The Sun City Lights Initiative is a project that aims to beautify El Paso's heritage corridors in the 8 districts, as well as on Interstate 10. The heritage corridors will use signage, lights and other decor to revitalize and define neighborhoods to visitors. The City is hoping this will help make El Paso a destination location.

The City of El Paso is now looking for community input into how these projects will affect everyday commuters as well as how the community wants it to look. The community meeting will take place Wednesday, December 14th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. In this meeting, the community and the City of El Paso will be discussing the Paseo de las Luces area, which stretches along South El Paso Street. This will include signature archways, tree lights, festive string lights, improved parking, miniature parks and stalls reserved for local food trucks.

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