There is a great outrage that is going on in this country.  That is, people taking videos of fights in children-themed restaurants while holding their iPhones the wrong way. Come on, iPhone users, turn your phones horizontally (longy-ways) as soon as public fisticuffs start. If you don't, you'll end up with a Youtube video that only uses a tiny, little up-and-down stripe of the available screen, as you will see in the following video...

The Case for Mandatory Sterilization Exhibit 4,224,872:



The best part of this is when Chuck E. and the gang start cheerfully serenading the traumatized children after the adults are broken up.

If you're wondering how this whole donnybrook got started, the poster of the video explains:

Ok so here it goes the shorter black girls son grabbed my dress thinking I was him mommy and I reached down and told him "no hunny I am not mommy and gently removed his hand to find his mom. I was then approached by the woman and told "DONT U TOUCH MY KID YOU FUCKING BITCH" I was in shock then she went to hit me so I ran behind a table of another party. She then threw soda food and whatever at us. I called PO


Adult rumbles at Chuck E. Cheese are surely nothing new, but with the ubiquitous nature of modern smart-phones, YouTube has channels devoted to Chuck E. smackdowns.  This kind of negative publicity has Chuck E. Cheese assuring patrons that they are doing everything they can to prevent this kind of embarrassing pizza-pandemonium.  Everything short of not selling beer in their children's restaurant, that is.