The Princeton Review usually ranks schools based on academics, financial aid, social acceptance of different groups and student/teacher ratios. This time they went a bit further and ranked colleges based on how easy it is to get high there.

Of course, nobody smokes pot in college. And they all sleep in their own rooms and don’t drink until they’re of age too. Parents know what’s really going on, so it’s important to know where it’s more of an issue, so they can keep the kids away from it. Right? Princeton Review gets that, so they made a list.

At the top of the list of Mary Jane loving schools is Colorado College. If you like Colorado, but would prefer to toke up in a university setting, the University of Colorado – Boulder also made the list. If Colorado’s too far away to hitchhike, go get your reefer madness on at the University of California – Santa Cruz, or the University of California – Santa Barbara. Can’t decide? Stay on the west coast, but get that Colorado feel at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. You can’t be surprised that they’re on the list.

Perhaps you’re more of a right coaster and want to enjoy a blunt in New England. Your choices there are Bard College in New York and the University of Vermont. For chronic Southern charm, Warren Wilson College is your best bet or keep going south so you can look at hotties while you smoke a fatty on the beach in Florida. Eckerd College in St. Petersburg and New College of Florida in Sarasota rounded out the list.

Thank you Princeton Review, for helping us ensure that our children don’t do all the things in college we did.

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