Live PD has easily become one of my favorite shows. I don't understand why it's very effective because it's basically COPS but somehow better. The fact that El Paso is one of the featured cities has nothing to do with it, all the other cities have some great stuff too!

Every week we anxiously await an new episode, and I don't know about you but I'm always looking out in the EP episodes to see what side of town they are or if I've been to that particular Valero; I'm even starting to recognize some of the places in the other cities as well! We all know and love the "Bun of Justice" Officer Andrea Zendejas has captured the hearts of many all across the nation but now I want to hear from YOU! I wanna know who the most popular EP Live PD officer is! Who do you think is the most attractive? Who can you not stand? Below I'll have a list of some of the officers featured on Live PD, I know I'll be missing some and that's where you come in! Drop a comment or let me know on my personal Twitter, @joannabarbacoa. I'll create a follow up with all the results!


Andrea Zendejas
Felipe Bermudez
Maria Gonzalez
Jorge Carreon
David Acosta
Luigi Garcia
Brenda De La Riva
Dominic Chacon
Tony Montenegro
Sergio Salcido
Julian Pena
Ivan Soberanis
Ray Priego
Heather Ponce
Susan Granados
Paul McDowell
Albert Daugherty

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