If you live in Horizon or further out, I got to say props to you for not being near a Starbucks, an affordable gym, and a movie theater. If they ever wanted to grab a Starbucks, see a movie, or work out it's a struggle.

Soon I will be making the drive from booney-land to the Westside of town in El Paso every day. Now some people have been saying it's going to cost me more because of what I drive. So for those of you who live in Horizon City or further out, I would like to know which of the three you would like to see open near your residence.

Starbucks To Eliminate Plastic Straws By 2020
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If I had to choose out of a Starbucks, an affordable gym like Planet Fitness, or a movie theater my nomination would go to Starbucks. I have my reasons as to why I chose Starbucks over a gym and movie theater.

Planet Fitness Wall Street Grand Opening
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The gym I go to is near my work and thankfully my schedule for work allows me to get my cardio in.

Special BFI screening of 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'
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I didn't pick a movie theater just because as it is I rarely go out to the movies all while living close to one. You're probably wondering why I went with Starbucks and not choosing one of the other two. I like having coffee dates to catch up with family or friends.

If you had to only choose one of the three above to open in Horizon City, choose the one you would want to open down below!


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