When looking for a great local charity to support, look no further than the Child Crisis Center of El Paso. When there's a child in crisis in the El Paso area, the Child Crisis Center is ready to open its doors and its staff is ready to open their hearts to help.

This non-profit 501(c)(3) organization has been serving the El Paso region since 1980 after founders George and Mary Russell decided to use their own family experience as a lesson to help other kids not have to go through the same hardships.

The Child Crisis Center works hard to prevent child abuse and neglect for kids from newborns to 13 years of age. The center uses a comprehensive approach with services including immediate crisis intervention, long-term education, as well as the children's shelter.

The Child Crisis Center serves homeless families, families facing medical emergencies, substance abuse issues, families of incarcerated persons, and more. They work hard to give these kids in need some sort of normalcy during extremely difficult times in their lives.

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During the holidays I like to stop by the Child Crisis Center to drop off some presents or stocking stuffers for the kids. The Child Crisis Center also allows people to sponsor a lunch or dinner as a special treat for the kids. There are also some barbers or hairstylists that will go down to the shelter every month or so to give the kids haircuts or even just style their hair for them. It's these little experiences that can really make a child's day.

The Child Crisis Center of El Paso is located at 2100 N. Stevens Street in El Paso. For more information or to arrange a donation pick up, please call (915) 562-7955 or visit their Facebook or website.

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