The Chihuahuas and Locomotive are back in action at Southwest University Ballpark and they've now bumped their capacity back up to 100%. MountainStar Sports Group President Alan Ledford said:

The El Paso region has made significant progress in the fight against Covid-19 and fans of both teams continue to be very cooperative and respectful of the health and safety protocols put in place at Southwest University Park.. We are pleased to join many teams and venues across the state and country which are safely returning to full capacity.

This announcement comes one week after Southwest University Ballpark lifted its mask requirement for anyone attending games. The hand sanitizing stations will remain throughout the stadium and they are also cleaned and sanitized throughout any event happening at Southwest University Ballpark.

The first game that will be played with the potential 100% capacity is this Thursday as the Chihuahuas take on the the Oklahoma City Dodgers. If you're planning on heading to a baseball game, be sure you brush up on the rules to Moundball.

Need a step-by-step guide? Here:

  1. Everyone who is playing puts a dollar into a hat.
  2. The person in the first position holds on to the hat for the first half of the inning
  3. When the top of the first is over, track the ball from the umpire. If it lands on the mound and stays on the mound, the person holding the hat wins all the money. If the ball rolls off (meaning it's touching grass at all) everyone puts in another dollar and the hat moves to the person next in line.

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