Have you ever seen El Paso from this vantage point before? Probably not.

Before I moved here, the only time I had been to El Paso was in 2012. It was a vastly different city back then. It has grown incredibly over the past 9 plus years. I had a few people warn me about El Paso before I moved here. The people telling me this weren't big fans of the city, but they were also in the military back in the 80s and 90s, so I think their perspective is going to be skewed.

I have fallen in love with El Paso since I moved here almost 6 years ago. I actually did fall in love. Met my wife here. But the city itself has so much going for it, I hope everyone realizes that. We get the best of both worlds here. We're a big enough city to get some really cool things, like Metallica, or Broadway shows. But we're also a small enough of a city that we don't have to deal with the suffocating traffic. Although, with the construction, this isn't always the case. But as bad as we think we have it here, it's nowhere near major cities in the United States.

Does El Paso have downsides? Of course. Every city in the world does. You can either choose to fixate on those and complain, or you can see the real beauty of the Borderland. Go for a hike. Go walk around San Jacinto Plaza. Go check out a Chihuahua or Locomotive game.


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