The Lady on the Hill has been standing guard at the foot of the Franklin Mountains since 1916. All those years makes for some very interesting stories. We all know them- they're spooky and full of mystery. The school has also had some very notable alumni walk the halls from Olympic winners to actors to U.S. Representatives.

105 years is a long time- so long that it's hard to think of what the Trost & Trost building with Greco-Roman features was like those many years ago. Well, wonder no more. The good folks over at the Twitter account @TracesofTexas shared this incredible picture of a crowd at the El Paso High school stadium- now named Jones Stadium, on the morning of November 11th of 1918. Check it out below.

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Unfortunately, the link in the Tweet to the El Paso Times article isn't working for me, I probably have to pay to read articles now.

There was a bit of a disagreement in the comments- someone mentioned that the Pledge of Allegiance wasn't adopted until until 1942. However, someone replied and said that the 1942 adoption was just the "formal adoption" not the origin. The form of the pledge used today was largely devised by Francis Bellamy in 1892; so it's totally plausible that everyone in Jones stadium on that day in 1918 were reciting the Pledge of Allegiance!

Can you imagine what life was like at that exact moment? What it must have felt like to walk those steps and not realize that this was history in the making? 105 years is a long time for the Lady on the Hill, but she stands just as proud today as she did in 1918.

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