Find out which WWE wrestler owns this amazing tribute car to the late, great WWE Champion and El Paso's own Eddie Guerrero. Then see it at Streetfest!

Get ready to feel the Latino Heat at this year's El Paso Downtown Street Festival!

The O'Reilly Auto Parts Car Show is back this year and better than ever! You can check out over 200 different cars, trucks wagons, bikes and more!

There will be lots to see but the biggest attraction has to the be the tribute car to he greatest wrestler of all time Eddie Guerrero. I saw this car on Batista's Facebook page and my jaw immediately dropped at its beauty. From the gorgeous blue color and detailed portraits on the hood, this beautiful car truly honors the memory of the legendary athlete. Not to mention WWE wrestler Dave Bautista owns this car! He is a member of the L.A. Chapter of the Imperial Car Club and is letting them bring the vehicle down for us to view.

Check out the photos and make sure check out this car at this year's Streetfest.

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