Charcuterie boards somehow make anything fancy whether it be a huge celebration or maybe just a small get together at home.

I am a huge lover of charcuterie boards; I think it may be because I'm a Millennial and someone once said that Millennials love charcuterie boards because we grew up on Lunchables! Which is a pretty good point- and not a lie at all.

With the holiday season here, I am looking forward to some small gatherings with friends and family where a charcuterie board would just tie the whole thing together. If you're like me and love a good meat and cheese board but aren't sure where to begin looking; allow me to help! Here are 8 great charcuterie board makers who are right here in El Paso!

Cheese Off the Cracker

Cheese Off the Cracker is run by Victoria Hesford who offers charcuterie boards and grazing boards and you can order directly on Instagram, but please do so with 48 hours notice!

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El Paso Charcuterie Co.

El Paso Charcuterie Co. offers their prices and policy, as well as reviews, right on their Instagram page- which is also where you can order.

Say Cheese

Say Cheese operates on the East side of El Paso with food handlers certified workers. You can order directly on their Instagram.

Amore Mio Charcuterie

As you can see, Amore Mio offers more than just your ordinary charcuterie board; they also offer brunch and munchies boards! You can order directly on Instagram.

Eleganze Charcuterie

Eleganze Charcuterie offers boards, boxes, gifts, grazing tables and offers add ons like flowers, wine and strawberries. You can place orders at 915-275-6378 or at

Boujee Boards

As the name suggests, this is for when you want to feel boujee- they also offer customizable boards. You can find out all about how to order here.

Coco Appetit LLC

Coco Appetit LLC offers more than just your basic meats and cheeses, they also offer different types of boards, desserts and more. They even offer charcuterie classes! To place an order, or to get more information, you can do so on their Instagram or their website.

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