Ministry's Cesar Soto came by the morning show to talk about his solo project Man The Mute and his new single "Willow." While talking about the song, Soto revealed the personal story that inspired the new, heavy song.

The song "Willow" and the entire Man The Mute experience is a way for Soto to share his life and experiences with the world. One of those experiences is a chance encounter he had while working and a couple that came into a bar that left a lasting impression on him.

While working as a bartender, Cesar talked about one day during work how he felt a special pull towards a couple that had just walked in. He said he could hear the word "motorcycle." He approached the couple and asked if they believed in higher beings and the spirit world. They said yes. From there, the couple told him about a loved one they had lost, and a mysterious pink bench.

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Visitors to Hueco Tanks are always mystified by a small pink bench, sitting under a tree just off the road. The bench seems out of place, alone in the middle of the road. There are plenty of stories behind the bench, answers that have been made up as to why its there and some are believed to be real, but the truth is still unknown to the masses.

All we do know is the pink bench has made a lasting impact on many people, including Cesar Soto. Hear the entire story of his encounter with the couple and how this was the catalyst behind the single "Willow."

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