Well, you waited and waited and waited. Congratulations, you got an extension on the 2020 Census. Today (September 30th, 2020) was the original due date, but a federal judge has extended that to October 5th. 

In case you couldn't tell, I'm writing this for those people who haven't filled it out yet. Seriously, it's only 10 short questions and takes less than 5 minutes to fill out, and you can do it online. Not sure where to go to fill it out on line. Here, I'll make it easy for you...

Yes, just click up there and it'll take you to the place to fill out the 2020 Census. There is a 12 digit ID that is used to track your form, but there are ways to fill it out even if you've thrown out that mail and don't have that number anymore. So there's no excuse anymore to do this. If you don't fill it out, you will be costing the city of El Paso (or whatever city you live in) plus the state of Texas or New Mexico or wherever you live a lot of money. This is how they figure out where the money needs to go. If people don't fill it out. They don't get counted. And that's money we don't get.

Five minutes. That's all it takes. Five stinking minutes and you could be helping your city and state get millions of dollars in needed funds to help out. But only if you spend that five minutes filling out the census. Please, go do it now.

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