Here is a great way to lose the Monday "Blahs". Treat yourself to some slow-smoked fine and support some local eateries while you do it.

I had no idea that "National Pulled Pork Day" existed but, now that I do know, it is going on my calendar from now on. (Along with National Tequila Day, National Ber Day, and National Motorcycle Ride Day. And my birthday.) Restaurants in the El Paso area reopened quite some time ago and, while they must adhere to certain health and safety mandates regarding occupancy and hours, they are totally ready for you to come and get your pulled pork game on.

There are many local El Paso restaurants that serve up a mean pulled pork along with some national chains. My advice ... well, make that request ... is that you patronize a local restaurant to celebrate this tasty day.  Allow me to suggest a few of my own favorites:

These places absolutely RAWK!  They are my personal top 4 but, I haven't tried every place in town.  Not yet anyway... If you have a favorite, locally owned restaurant for pulled pork, go visit them today and, while you are enjoying the sweet, smoky wonderful-ness; be sure and throw them a little love in the comments down below.

To learn more fun pulled pork facts, click here.

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