Día de los Muertos is a such a big deal for many people across the Borderland. The day is reserved for our loved ones who have left us and have continued their journey elsewhere.

Because it's such a big deal is why I believe the United States Postal Service has decided to unveil their new Día de los Muertos stamp here in El Paso at the El Paso Museum of Art. This is the first ever Día de los Muertos stamp and the United States Postal Service has decided that the unveiling ceremony could only be done- so fittingly- in the Sun City; where many of us observe those first two days in November as a day of remembrance. The unveiling ceremony is September 30.

The Museums and Cultural Affairs Department announced that not only is this such an honor, but also great news as they prepare to launch the El Paso Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC), which will be the natural lead in Día de los Muertos events moving forward!

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As for the stamps themselves; each of the pane's five identical rows include four colorful stamps featuring several iconic elements of a traditional Day of the Dead ofrenda, or offering. They feature decorated sugar skulls, each stamp has one member of a family- a child, a father, a mother and another child.

Día de los Muertos is such a beautiful holiday (despite its macabre name) and is becoming increasingly popular among more Americans. A stamp, while many may think is an obsolete item, is a beautiful way to commemorate the holiday. The stamps will be available for purchase on the 30th of September, and will cost $11.60 for a sheet of 20.

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