"CBS This Morning" had an animal rescue segment on their Sunday show that featured some local shelter dogs on their journey to their forever homes. If you caught the latest episode of "CBS This Morning" on Sunday, you may have noticed a familiar animal shelter being highlighted during the show. The show did a feature on one rescue dog's journey from the Sun City to his forever home in Oregon.

Peter Rork is a retired orthopedic surgeon and part-time pilot who founded Dog Is My Co-Pilot back in 2012. The 501(c) program works with cities with overcrowded shelters to send dogs to areas where there is a demand for adoptable animals. El Paso is one of the areas that Rork flies animals out of to get them adopted. Dog Is My Co=Pilot has successfully transported over 15,000 animals, and the special followed the journey of 72 animals from the El Paso Animal Services shelter. Rork made stops in Salt Lake City and Sun Valley before making his last stop in Troutdale, Oregon. The majority of the animals on this flight were being dropped off in Troutdale, which is outside Portland. There, animal rescues find loving forever homes for these animals in areas where the supply of adoptable shelter dogs is low. One of the Portland animal rescues that work with Rork said that the want for foster dogs and dogs available for adoption has been high ever since the beginning of the pandemic. Thankfully, these organizations are willing and able to take in some of the overflow animals that are here at the El Paso Animal Services shelter.

Check out the story on the Dog is My Co-Pilot program on the CBS This Morning website. You can find out more information about the Dog Is My Co-Pilot program on their Facebook Page or on their website.

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