Living on the border, we live a different life that most people across the country wouldn't understand. US Customs and Border Patrol cars are a normal thing to be cruising around, and a giant fence separating us from Mexico doesn't even cause a second look at this point. I have to admit, when I first moved here, it was a bit of a shock because it's not something I was used to. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it just wasn't anything I had been around. Also, one thing that we have here in El Paso are migrant processing centers. We already have one off of Hondo Pass in the Northeast, and it looks like we'll be getting another one in the same area of the city.

According to officials at Customs and Border Patrol, they're going to be building a new center on undeveloped land out on the Northwest part of town as it just passed its final environmental assessment. The project is going to take about 18 months to complete, but when it's done it'll be about 10 acres large and have the capacity for 965 detainees and 200 employees. Overall, the facility will be one-story, with 113,000 square feet, and additionally 200,000 square feet of parking. Even though it's only supposed to take 18 months to complete the new facility, it's not expected to be open until 2023.

You might be wondering why build another facility in the Northeast if there's already one out there. Officials say that this will help them meet the growing demand to process migrants faster based on the national demand.

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