These cold days and nights it's important to remember to take care of your pets, especially when they're outside.

The El Paso Police department is reminding everybody that taking care of your pets during inclement weather/ when it gets super cold this winter, isn't just a duty or an obligation, but it's the law.

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El Paso Animal Services also has a few helpful hints for pet owners.  According to them, "With the coldest temperatures of the season approaching the borderland this week, Animal Services would like to remind the community about the simple steps they can help keep their pets safe during cold weather."


Provide A Warm Place to Sleep and Rest:

"If possible, bring your pets indoors, a garage or a laundry room are great spaces that can be used. If you must leave a pet outside, make sure they have proper shelter with four walls, a roof, and is in a location away from any drafts. Provide dry blankets or straw and rotate them routinely to ensure they are dry."


Recognize That Some Pets May Need Extra Protection:

"Senior pets, puppies, and dogs with shorter coats need more protection against extreme temperatures. Limit their time away from their shelter, for example, take them for shorter walks outdoors. Consider adding extra insulation, such as a sweater or pet socks/shoes."


Report Pets With No Shelter:

"The best and only way to report animal-related concerns is by calling 311. Provide as much detail as possible and leave your name and call back number. Often, Animal Protection Officers have follow-up questions regarding a call, and any report made anonymously can hinder the investigation."

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