An Upper Valley brewery just landed itself some big-time awards!!

Sun Brewing Company just put the Borderland on the map by winning two different awards in the New York International Beer Competition; the only International Beer Competition judged by real trade buyers!  This years competition had over 30 categories, featuring over 600 submissions from more than 14 different countries.

Saison De Membrillo got them the "Texas Saison Brewery Of The Year" award and a Silver award in the French- & French- and Belgian-Style Saison category. 100% Spontaneous Ale also earned an award according to KVIA but, I couldn't find it on the posted winner list.

An interesting thing about Sun Brewing company is their lack of modern methods According to owner and Brewer David Slocum, they're "small and have no investors" He added:

"I don't have any mechanized mechanical equipment." "It's all done by hand." - KVIA

"All done by hand" ... These days; that is so very, VERY cool. Congratulations!!