You should be able to spot the elephant heading Northeast through Trans Mountain and stop at the scenic view area that is facing West. I never knew, heard, or even noticed the elephant until my man told me about it!

I have always driven through Trans Mountain and even stopped to enjoy the view and NEVER knew about this elephant. If he wouldn't have told me about the elephant I wouldn't be able to share this amazing sight with you! Granted, it may not be as sculpted as Mount Rushmore but you could still see an elephant. After going 33 years without ever hearing or knowing about this made me appreciate it so much more! Even if you're taking Trans Mountain to head Northeast you can spot the elephant. Next time I make a pit stop at the rest area on Trans Mountain I will never ignore the elephant that lays on the Franklin Mountains! In the picture above I zoomed in so you could tell which shape it was that looks like an elephant. What also gives it the elephant image is the part of the mountain that looks like the trunk. The way I picture the elephant is as if it is laying down on the mountain. Don't feel bad if you are also barely discovering this like I just did yesterday. One thing I will say is that I appreciate the Franklin Mountains even more now than I did before.

Let me know if you can spot the elephant above in the picture by taking the poll down below!

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