Many Dentist offices have closed as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic but, many are still there for you.

Hospitals, while struggling a bit to keep up with the heavy demand are still there for you. If you need dental care though, the options are more limited. Last month, Governor Abbott ordered dentists' to postpone non-emergnecy treatment. What if you crack a tooth or need emergency oral surgery though?

Dentists are allowed to take patients in those cases but, which ones are and aren't is completely up to them. If you are experiencing an emergency, call your dentist and ask what their policy is. El Paso dentists operating this way include Divine Dental SpaEasy Dental and Monarch Dental. For contact info of other El Paso area dentists, click here.

Some are still in the office, answering phones, etc while others may require you to leave a message. Pretty much emergencies are still allowed these days and many dentists' are still there for you!

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